Program Funded By NBA Star Derrick Rose Giving Away $200K Scholarships to “Civically Minded” High School Students with Leadership Potential

NBA star Derrick Rose is very passionate about embodying a legacy that will empower the next generation to pursue greatness. For this reason, he has launched a scholarship program called the Rose Scholars that is open to high school sophomore, junior + senior students who are civically minded and have an instinct to lead.

Students can apply directly or a loved one can apply on the students’ behalf. All applicants must have motivation, ambition, drive, creativity, and organization… and must show this on their application. In addition, students must have a minimum of a 3.0+ GPA with a 1230+ SAT score and/or 21+ ACT score.

In addition, applicants must: (1) enter their contact and scholastic information, (2) craft and enter an essay based on competition theme, and (3) upload a link to their social media and accompanying media through a form on the official competition website.

The deadline for the scholarship is usually in SEPTEMBER, and the award amount is usually $200,000.

For more details and/or to apply, visit: