Karl Vaters on Faithfulness: God’s Goals + Ordinary Actions = Extraordinary Results

Great lives are made up of mundane tasks.

  • Getting out of bed every morning
  • Making sure the kids are clothed and fed
  • Going to work
  • Thanking a friend
  • Being honest
  • Helping a neighbor
  • Showing up at church

We’re always told to pursue excellence. To accomplish great things. To be world-changers.


I agree.

But life isn’t made up of one moment of excellence after another.

It’s made up of one ordinary action after another.

It’s about simple, consistent, sometimes boring faithfulness.

God Rewards Ordinary Faithfulness

When you’re following God’s will for your life and you string a bunch of ordinary, but necessary actions together, extraordinary things can happen.

Keep the kids alive and well through the school years and before you know it they’re strong, independent people making a great contribution to the world.

Show up to preach sermons, pray, comfort hurting people and do discipleship, and eventually that unhealthy church will become a healthy and vibrant church.

Live and speak in a Christlike manner and people’s lives can be changed for eternity.

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Source: Christianity Today