Greg Laurie Says Massive Revival in the US May Lead to Christians Being Ruptured & Removing America From the End Times

Evangelist Greg Laurie has suggested that a massive Jesus revival in America could lead to Christians being snatched from Earth, removing the U.S. from the End Times conflict.

Speaking with PureFlix on Sunday in a Facebook video, Laurie, who pastors Harvest Christian Fellowship in California, recalled that one of the earmarks of the Jesus movement of the 1960s and 1970s was that people believed Jesus was coming soon.

The pastor insisted that the Christians of that time were not wrong to believe that, noting that “we’ve never been closer to the return of Jesus than right now.”

He said that looking at Bible prophecy, he doesn’t see anything specifically that needs to happen before Christ returns to remove believers from the Earth, which is sometimes called the rapture of the Church.

“When you look at the major superpowers of the world, you can find Israel, you can maybe find Russia, China, you can definitely find Iran-Persia, but why is there is no clear identification of the reigning super power, the United States of America?” he said, referring to End Times scripture found in the book of Revelation.

“We know that the players of the last days will be the forces united under the anti-Christ going into a great battle in the battle of Armageddon with the kings of the East. But where is America in all this?” he positioned.

Laurie suggested that by a conservative estimate, there are perhaps 50 million legitimate Christians in America today.

“Let’s say a great revival broke out, and that number increased to 150 million, and suddenly the Lord came for His Church,” the evangelist envisioned.

“That will certainly explain how America ceased to be a superpower, if Christians disappeared from every walk of life; from government; to the military; to technology; to the medical field” and other areas.

“All these Christians caught up to Heaven will certainly give an explanation as to why America would not be a super power in the End Times,” he suggested.

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Source: Christian Post