Followers of So-Called ‘Prophet’ Joshua Holmes Make Blasphemous Claim That He Is ‘Jesus in the Flesh’

If you don’t know self-styled Texas prophet Joshua Holmes of Joshua Holmes Ministries, you don’t know Jesus because he is “Jesus in the flesh,” according to some who follow him.

“For all you haters if you don’t know Prophet Joshua Holmes you ain’t got the Holy Spirit. That’s all I gotta say,” a young woman says in a viral video posted on Facebook dismissing critics of Holmes. “He is changing lives every day. He is Jesus in the flesh. He is very tangible. He’s got the power of God on him.”

The flamboyant young minister, whom many critics dismiss as a dangerous departure from orthodox Christianity, has emerged in recent months as an online sensation professing healings and “money miracles.”

In a 1-minute video promotion for his ministry that has been viewed more than 3 million times on Facebook, Holmes is recorded making women and men swoon with a wave of his jacket or a mere breath from his mouth.

Information on who this “prophet” is or where he came from, however, remains vague and limited even on his ministry’s website where he sells a book about prophetic mysteries for more than $100 per copy.

“Prophet Joshua is a vessel of The Lord Jesus, who is anointed with power from the Holy Ghost to deliver, and bring multitudes into the salvation of Christ. Being called at the age of 5, and having visitations from the Lord Jesus at the age of 6 and 14, Prophet Joshua received the assignment in the Prophetic, walking in the Office of a Prophet,” Holmes’ website says.

“Prophet Joshua has been traveling around the world ever since, winning numerous souls to the Lord. Many have been healed from their sickness, diseases, freed from various strongholds, canceled debts and receiving inexplainable (sic) financial miracles.

“Prophet Joshua has given himself over to praying and to The Ministry of The Word, while leading a flock of God’s sheep to everlasting life through the power of the Gospel and in the name of Jesus, the Son of God!” his introduction ends.

Last month, Holmes appeared on the Word Network’s “Greg Davis Live” show and declared that lately in ministry the Lord has been leading him to focus on “wealth in the body of Christ.”


And he shared a tale of how he moved into a mansion 48 hours after sowing thousands of dollars into the ministry of televangelist Mike Murdock.

“I have a miracle ministry and a lot of people have been getting healed but I’ve been seeing that a lot of women and men are ignorant of the wealth anointing in Deuteronomy Chapter 8 verse 18. Earlier this year I was challenged by God to sow a major seed. I had a place where I was living inside of. I now live in a mansion off this major seed that I sowed. In 48 hours I moved into the mansion,” Holmes told Davis.

He said he had a “whole lot of thousands” of dollars in a bag at a service being hosted by Murdock when he decided to give it all to the televangelist.

“The floodgates of Heaven opened over my life financially … I think a lot of people in the body of Christ they get money miracles and then they don’t be faithful with it so then they lose the anointing even for wealth,” he said.

Many critics of Holmes’ ministry, like popular internet preacher and Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers, have pointed to controversial points in his ministry such as his followers declaring him to be Jesus. Other videos show followers showering the young preacher with money on stage as he dances, or him getting attacked by a woman identified as his former wife who calls him a liar.

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Source: Christian Post