Christian Author Kathy Khang Says Christians Must Respond to #MeToo With ‘Grace and Love’

Evangelical churches must respond to the revelations of the #MeToo movement with “grace and love,” according to a Christian author and activist.

“I hope that victims and survivors are finding community, they are finding safety, and they are finding that they have opportunities to tell their story and to be believed,” Kathy Khang, writer and director of Campus Access Initiatives at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, told National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson.

“I hope that they are experiencing a degree of relief as things across culture come to light and that there are individuals and churches that are entering into a time of confession as opposed to a time of further accusation.”

Anderson noted that “we’re living in a time of both confrontation and confession — a time that’s focused on openness about ways women have been abused and mistreated.”

“You and I can talk about this theoretically, but there are people who are hearing our voices right now who deal with this specific situation and they’re looking for some kind of guidance, hope, a direction to go.”

Khang said she believes that the response from church leaders and congregants should be “one of grace and love, particularly for the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the Church where the conversations around power should be happening but have not.”

She also said that she hopes churches weathering allegations of sexual misconduct would “surround both parties with the necessary support that they need,” arguing that the world “needs to see” the church engage in “public times of confession.”

“It’s part of the Gospel that we claim and proclaim, that God moves us into a time of confession,” continued Khang. “There is forgiveness for us, and for us collectively as a church.”

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Source: Christian Post