Bishops Warn of ‘Major Problems’ If the Church of England Changes Stance on Sexuality

A group of evangelical bishops have sent a warning about the consequences that could arise if the Church of England decides to alter its stance on sexuality.

Eleven bishops affiliated with the Church of England Evangelical Council signed onto a joint letter sent Saturday to the head of the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith project, which was established last summer by the House of Bishops as a two-year initiative to develop a deeper understanding on sexuality in light of the cultural push for LGBT affirmation and rights.

The project will culminate in the production of teaching resources expected to be released in 2020.

The letter sent to the Bishop of Coventry Christopher Cocksworth urges him and other leaders involved in the LLF initiative to clearly articulate the “traditional teaching” of sexuality in which intercourse is only permitted in the confines of a one man-one woman marriage.

The letter also urges those involved with the project to “enable us as a church better to understand and proclaim this unchangeable Christian standard afresh in this generation and equip us so we can pastorally help people to attain it in the power of the Spirit.”

According to the letter, Lambeth Palace has called for believers to have a “pure and chaste life before and after marriage” since at least 1920.

“We believe that this vision of (1) sexual intercourse as ‘an act of total commitment which belongs properly within a permanent married relationship,’ (2) marriage as a union of a man and woman in a covenant of love marked by exclusivity and life-long commitment, and (3) faithful, sexually abstinent love in singleness and non-marital friendships, is the teaching of Scripture,” the letter states. “It therefore expresses the character and will of God which is our guide in ordering our lives and in addressing public global ethical issues.”

“We also believe that reaffirming this teaching offers us the best way of maintaining our unity-in-truth,” the letter continues. “We therefore hope that, as well as considering why this ‘traditional biblical teaching’ is being questioned and rejected by some, LLF will clearly articulate it and commend it, explaining why it has been, and remains, a deeply-held conviction for most Christians. Here we believe it is vitally important that LLF help the Church of England engage with these issues ecumenically.”

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Source: Christian Post