Watch: White Woman Tries to Stop Black Man From Entering His Own Apartment; Sadly, This Happens All the Time, It’s Just Not Recorded

A white woman was fired from her job after she tried to stop a black man going into his own apartment building in St Louis.

D’Arreion Toles said he was coming home from work when neighbor, Hilary Brooke Thornton, physically blocked him from entering the building at the luxury block in the Missouri city.

He posted three videos of the incident on Facebook, appearing to show the woman blocking him from the door as she walked her dog at the Elder Shirt Lofts in the downtown area on Sunday.

Ms Thornton was fired from her job as a luxury realtor after the video provoked outrage.

The 32-year-old lives in the same block as Mr Toles, but her company does not manage the property.

She is seen in the mobile phone footage demanding proof he lives in the building, which has a pool and spa, plus its own wine bar and entertainment deck.

After Mr Toles pushed passed her, Ms Thornton then got in the elevator with him and followed her fellow resident to his front door to make sure he actually lived in the block.

When she first encountered him at the communal door she said, ‘do you live here? I’m sorry the keypad is right there, I’m sorry I’m uncomfortable [getting out the way].

Mr Toles, who was still standing in the street, replied, ‘you’re blocking me into my building, it’s my building as well, so can you just get out of my way. I live here and your blocking my way. I’ve already buzzed in’.

While holding a glittery phone and a dog lead and placing her arm across the door, the Ms Thornton was said to have replied, ‘I’m not touching you at all, I’m not doing anything other than letting my dog go to the bathroom.

‘You just walked off the street and don’t have a keypad. You pushed your way in.’

She then asks him what unit he lives in, to which he replied, ‘I don’t have to tell you that information, what unit do you live in?’

He simply says he lives on the fourth floor as she repeatedly says ‘no’ while trying to stand in from of the open door.

As he pushed passed her she shouts ‘are you kidding me?’ and follows him as he heads to an elevator and asks ‘where are you going?’ and asks him is he has a key-fob similar to hers.

She then gets in the lift with him and says as they ride in the elevator ‘no, I want to see who you are going to see’.

As the pair get out of the lift and he walk towards his apartment she adds, ‘I want to introduce myself as a neighbor’.

Ms Thornton then follows him to his door and he threatens to call the cops for harassment saying ‘please stop following me, I do not want to speak with you’.

D’Arreion Toles said after the incident police came to his door because she called officers to report him.

She was named as the woman in the video by social media users and confirmed by her former partner, Brandon Mueller, who posted on his Facebook page.

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Source: Daily Mail