Facebook Messenger Debuts ‘Unsend’ Button

Facebook Messenger’s “unsend” button may finally be nearing a release.

Screenshots shared by Jane Manchun Wong, first spotted by TechCrunch, from the Messenger app for Android reveal that the company is making progress on adding the new feature for all of its users.

Facebook initially announced that it would be adding the “unsend” feature for everyone in April after it was revealed that messages CEO Mark Zuckerberg had sent to other users were removed from the users’ inboxes while older messages that those users sent Zuckerberg were still there.

Facebook already allowed users to delete messages in a chat, but those deletions would only be for their end and would not delete the message from the recipient’s inbox. Facebook-owned Instagram already has an “unsend” feature in its messages section that will remove the message from both inboxes, even messages from over a year ago.

According to Wong, who has previously found out new Facebook and Instagram features by looking through the apps’ respective code, the Messenger “unsend” button seems to only be available for a set period of time after the user sends the message.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Eli Blumenthal