British Mountain Biker Shot and Killed by Hunter in the French Alps

A prosecutor says a hunter shot and killed a cyclist in the French Alps in what appears to be an accident.

The victim, 34-year-old Marc Sutton, originally from Wales, died on Saturday evening after being struck by a single bullet while cycling in thick woods near the ski resort of Les Gets.

Mr Sutton, a chef, had lived in the Alps for a number of years and owned and ran a restaurant with his girlfriend near the village of Morzine.

Thonon-Les-Bains prosecutor Philippe Toccanier said the 22-year-old hunter was taken to hospital for shock after the shooting. He is being investigated on suspicion of aggravated manslaughter.

Toccanier told The Associated Press on Sunday the victim, was cycling down a mountain at around 6pm when he passed near a group of about 10 game hunters.

Toccanier said the cyclist certainly “couldn’t be confused with game, as he had a coloured helmet and a coloured mountain bike.”

Britain’s Foreign Office says it’s “in contact with the local authorities” and providing assistance to the dead man’s family.

Amie Henderson, 38, a friend and neighbour of the of the couple told the UK’s Telegraph: “This is a very tight-knit expat community and we are all deeply shocked. There is anger too because every year there are hunting accidents.”

Another local wrote on Facebook: “This is absolutely devastating. Everyone in our community will be affected by last night’s accident. So very sad for Marc and everyone with him.”

SOURCE: The Associated Press