WATCH: Usain Bolt Scores His First Two Goals in a Professional Soccer Match

Olympic champion Usain Bolt is officially a triple threat — he set world records in sprinting, nailed a slam dunk in an NBA All-Star celebrity game, and on Friday, scored his first two goals in a professional soccer match.

Bolt, who holds eight Olympic gold medals in track and field, has pivoted to soccer. He joined Australia’s Central Coast Mariners earlier this year, and has had quite the successful start. BBC reports that the Mariners topped Macarthur South West United 4-0 in a preseason match. Bolt scored twice: in the 57th minute and the 68th minute.

“My first start and scoring two goals, it’s a good feeling,” he said, pointing to his “hard work” in training for the season. “I’m here to prove to the world, as I said, that I can be a footballer,” the Jamaican athlete said.

He celebrated his first goal with his signature “To Di World” pose, pointing toward the sky, reports NBC Sports. He pulled out a Fortnite dance to celebrate his second goal, emulating the triumphant moves in the popular video game.

Bolt is not yet officially signed to the team, but he said his strong performance on Friday might help his odds of getting on the regular season roster. He’s played two other preseason games, subbing in for just 20 minutes in the first match, and playing the second half of the next one. “I’ve been improving quickly,” he said. Until he signs, he’s not ready to be called “Usain Bolt, the soccer player.” Bolt said he wanted to wait and see whether Friday’s game secured him a spot on the team. “Until then,” he said, “I’m still just normal Usain.” Watch his goals below, via Soccer AM.

SOURCE: The Week, Summer Meza