Thousands Attend Vigil for 20 People Killed in New York Limo Crash

Thousands gathered in upstate Amsterdam on Monday night to say their final goodbyes to the 20 people — many Amsterdam residents — who died in a limousine crash over the weekend.

A grief-stricken crowd including friends, co-workers and relatives of the dead packed the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook Bridge, carrying candles and consoling each other as religious leaders and town officials spoke.

“I wish I had the words to take away the pain,” said Amsterdam mayor Michael Villa, his voice cracking.

“Sometimes, in this crazy, mixed-up world, when our hearts are hurting, when our loss feels too deep, the most comforting words are these two words from John 11:35 — Jesus wept,” Villa said.

Elected officials spoke of a small town’s ability to come together in times of tragedy and crisis.

“We will walk with you,” said Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY), an Amsterdam resident. “We are laden with sadness and grief but know that we care. Know that we are trying to understand the pain you’re facing.”

Family members sitting by the podium wept in each others arms.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News