Romanian Orthodox Church Urges Members to Continue Defending Biblical Marriage Despite Referendum to Ban Same-sex Marriage Failing

Two men draped in rainbow flags in a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018. Polls have closed in Romania after two days of voting on a constitutional amendment that would make it harder to legalize same-sex marriage. But the weekend referendum to redefine marriage failed to attract large numbers of voters and risk being voided. (AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru)

The Romanian Orthodox Church is encouraging members to continue defending the family after a weekend referendum on marriage was thrown out because of low turnout.

More than 90 percent of Romanian voters supported defining marriage in the constitution as the union of one man and one woman, but election officials said just 20.41 percent of eligible voters participated, short of the 30 percent required for the referendum to be valid. The nation’s constitution currently defines marriage as between “spouses.” It does not allow civil unions, nor does it recognize same-sex marriage from other countries.

On Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis, who supports same-sex marriage, said the country should tackle the issue further with “a mature approach and openness to dialogue.” Meanwhile, the Orthodox Church, which backed the referendum, called the vote “a partial success which calls us to hope and work more.”

SOURCE: WORLD Magazine, Lynde Langdon