Pakistan Delays Ruling in Final Appeal of Christian Mother Asia Bibi’s ‘Blasphemy’ Case

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday delayed its ruling concerning the final appeal of a Christian woman who’s been facing the death penalty since 2010 for blasphemy against Islam.

The three-judge panel listened to Asia Bibi’s lawyer challenging accusations that she insulted Islam’s prophet, a crime punishable by death.

Mian Saqib Nisar, the country’s top judge, didn’t say when the ruling will be announced nor why they reserved their

. He ordered people present in the court to remain tight-lipped on the case.

Bibi was first accused of insulting Islam’s prophet back in 2009 when she tried to get water for herself and her fellow farmworkers. But two Muslim women refused to take a drink from a container used by a Christian.

A mob then accused Bibi a few days later of blasphemy, which led to her conviction and was subsequently sentenced to death.

Her lawyer, Saiful Malook, claims there are contradictions in statements by the witnesses that taint the evidence on which Bibi was convicted. The prosecution’s case also centered on strict religious texts that harshly punish the blasphemers.

Still, the lawyer told the Associated Press that he remains optimistic and could win the appeal for the accused woman. “I am a 100 percent sure she will be acquitted,” he said. “She has a very good case.”

Bibi’s case caused outrage across the world, yet it also energized Pakistan’s radical Islamists who use the blasphemy law to exercise their political power in the country.

“I have lost my health. I am a high blood pressure patient, my privacy is totally lost. You have to be in hiding,” her lawyer said, noting that everyone knows his identity. “They look at this house and they know this is the home of a person who can be killed at any time by angry mullahs.”

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SOURCE: Fox News, Lukas Mikelionis