Michael Turpin, Pastor of Harvest Church International in Jamaica, NY, Accuses Wife of Adultery; She Says He’s Mentally Ill

Michael E. Turpin and wife, Janelka Turpin.
Michael E. Turpin and wife, Janelka Turpin.

Michael E. Turpin, senior pastor of Harvest Church International in Jamaica, New York, is claiming his wife, Janelka, committed adultery with one of his spiritual sons after she allegedly had him arrested and briefly sent to a mental hospital.

In a YouTube video posted on October 3rd, Turpin, who also serves on the executive board of the Pilgrim Assemblies International Inc.,  says, “Michael Young, you are going down. My wife is having an adulterous affair with my agitant, former son, Michael Young, who is the husband of Alika Thompson Young [phonetic spelling].”

For her part, Janelka Turpin posted on Facebook: “You are now seeing what I have gone through privately for years now publicly. I have spoken to those I believe that can help my husband. I have been seeking help for a while now and the system has failed me. Please I can’t answer every call. Please pray for me and my children. This is not a game or a show!”

In the video, Pastor Turpin went on to state, “What’s wrong with me? Nothing is wrong with me. I’ve gone through hell and back. Nothing is wrong with me. I am mentally sound. I have my faculties.”

He alleges that his wife accused him of domestic violence, and says, “If I hit her, if I beat her, where are the pictures? Show the pictures… If you can have your husband committed to a psychiatric institute and you know you lying. You can have your husband arrested to protect your lies, while you submit yourself to another man’s spirit. I took care of you for all these years.

“She has continued to defame me. If my wife says that I am crazy then you will believe her. What will that do to the Gospel? If I am crazy that calls into question everything I say and do. If my sanity is called into question like it was this week. What will that do to my ministry?

“If a prophet has mental illness can he be trusted as the voice of God? All of my actions will be called into question. You will see mental illness in everything I do and say. I will no longer be effective because I have been declared crazy by the only person who is with me when I am not preaching. You will never respect a prophetic voice [if] you think it’s coming from a crazy man.”

Neither Pastor Turpin, his wife Janelka Turpin, Harvest Church International, or Pilgrim Assemblies International have responded to media requests for clarification or comment.

–Joshua James