Couple Who Inspired 2012 Romantic Drama The Vow after Wife Lost her Memory in a Car Crash and Relearned to Love her Husband, are Getting a Divorce as She Opens Up in Interview

The once-elated love birds tied the knot in a dreamy 1993 candlelit ceremony

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, the couple whose real-life love story was depicted in the 2012 romantic drama The Vow, have announced they after getting divorced after 25 years of marriage.

Krickitt confirmed the discouraging news this week while speaking to Inside Edition.

Without going into specific detail on the matter, the mother-of-two said she learned her husband had been having an extramarital affair.

‘Kim was having an affair,’ Krickitt said in the sit-down interview. ‘I never thought that [this] is the road I would ever go down, because I made a vow for life.’

The once-elated love birds tied the knot in a dreamy 1993 candlelit ceremony, before the unthinkable happened just 10 weeks later.

Kim and Krickitt were involved in a life-threatening car crash on Thanksgiving that year.

Krickitt Carpenter (pictured) lost her memory just 10 weeks after her wedding in 1993. She learned to love her husband again, and their inspiring love story was played out in 2012 romantic drama, The Vow
Krickitt, however, confirmed to Inside Edition this week they are getting divorced after she learned of his infidelity

The pair had been driving from their home in New Mexico to Krickitt’s parents home in Arizona for the holiday.

Krickitt, who was operating the vehicle, attempted to swerve around a slow-moving lorry.

A truck traveling closely behind the couple’s car slammed into them from behind – and sent their vehicle flying before it flipped and the roof was sliced off.

The new bride was found unconscious when help arrived, and had to be cut out of the car before being airlifted to the hospital.

‘I knew nothing until I awoke from a coma almost four months later, with no idea where I was or what had happened,’ Krickitt told

The crash left her with a severe brain injury. She was placed in a coma for 21 days, and had no recollection of the special day nor her brand new husband.

‘Not only did she not remember that we were married, but she didn’t even recognize me,’ Kim also said.

The once-elated love birds tied the knot in a dreamy 1993 candlelit ceremony
Kim and Krickitt are pictured feeding each other cake at their wedding reception
The pair exchanged vows – which have since been broken since Krickitt revealed Kim’s cheating ways
Kim was bloodied and bruised in the accident, with broken ribs, a broken nose and severe lacerations. Krickitt, however, had to be cut out from the wreckage and airlifted to hospital

‘I was devastated, of course, but I tried not to dwell on it, because I was just so glad she was alive.’

Kim was left with broken ribs, a broken nose, abrasions and lacerations over his body as a result of the holiday accident.

Krickitt went to rehab. Kim said that, for awhile, he sadly had to act as a father to his new bride, rather than a husband.

‘I felt as if my role had changed from being a husband to being a father… I did push her in rehab.

‘She was a former gymnast who used to be able to do back flips on a 4-inch beam, and [she] could barely stand up.

‘She hated the therapy, and she hated me for making her do it. She kept telling me: “I don’t know you, go back to where you came from.” We really didn’t get along.’

The couple had attended counseling, in hopes to regrow their love and reform their connection.

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams starred in the 2012 romantic blockbuster The Vow
Krickitt and Kim’s love story was depicted in the beloved film
The Vow was released back in February of 2012. A scene from the movie is shown

They were forced to begin their relationship all over again – and went on dinner and movie dates as well as long walks together.

‘Slowly and steadily, we created those memories together, and everything else slowly started to fall into place,’ Krickitt told

‘Slowly, over time, my love did grow for Kim deeply, but it was never a fluffy, gooey falling-in-love feeling again. I know that is what everyone wants to hear, but that is not what happened second time around.

‘My heart didn’t skip beats; I didn’t feel swept off my feet. I would love to have felt that, but it isn’t the truth – I made a choice to love him.’

By 1996, the couple renewed their vows. And In 2000, Krickett gave birth to their first child, Danny. In 2003, she gave birth to Leann.

Kim and Krickitt are pictured during happier times. They renewed their vows in 1996
In 2000, Krickitt gave birth to their first child, Danny. In 2003, she gave birth to Leann (family pictured above)
Krickitt currently resides with her daughter (pictured)
Danny moved in with his dad. The two are seen together

Their love story inspired the beloved 2012 blockbuster, The Vow – starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

But real-life came between love, when Krickitt recently discovered her husband had been cheating with an unknown woman.

‘I kind of… just figured it out. It was shocking and surprising to me, because we were so committed to each other and to the vow,’ she told Inside Edition.

Krickitt now resides with her daughter. Danny moved in with his dad.

Despite the unfortunate outcome of their story, Krickitt said she isn’t losing hope and has decided to focus on the positive.

‘I am thankful for the 25 years that I had. I have two amazing children and we had so many great times together,’ she added.

When asked if she still believes in love, Krickitt replied with a smile: ‘I do.’