Victim Texted That Limo Was in ‘Terrible Condition’ Minutes Before Crash Killed 20 in New York

One of the victims of the upstate New York limousine crash that killed all 18 aboard and  two pedestrians had texted concerns about the “terrible condition” of the limo less than 20 minutes before tragedy struck, her aunt says.

The limo was bound for a Cooperstown brewery when it crashed on a winding road in rural Schoharie, about 160 miles north of New York City. Two pedestrians also were killed.

Valerie Abeling said her niece, Erin McGowan, 34, and her husband Shane, 30, were among the limo victims. Abeling’s own daughter was busy and couldn’t join the party, a scheduling conflict that probably saved her life.

Abeling told The Washington Post that Erin sent a text message complaining about the condition of the limo, a last-minute replacement after a bus hired to shuttle the group broke down.

Erin and Shane were married in June.

“These were friends just starting their lives, getting married and this is how it ended,” Abeling said. “It’s a tragic loss of beautiful souls.”

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Source: USA Today