Outrage Over ‘Sickening’ Halloween Display of Hanging Black Man in Front of Alabama Home – But Owners Say They Assumed It Was ‘a White Man Who Had Been Badly Burned’

Halloween display featuring what appears to be a black man hanging from a noose in a tree in front of an Alabama home has sparked outrage in the community and on social media.

Alexus Cumbie posted a photo of the ‘sickening’ display in the town of Homewood on Facebook over the weekend.

‘The owner of this display has refused to take this down,’ she wrote. ‘I’m encouraging everyone to share this post until Birmingham news outlets cover this.

‘I’m not encouraging violence nor harassment on this homeowner. Let’s not meet bigotry at eye level but also let’s publicly condemn acts of racism in our beloved neighborhoods.’

Homeowners Jennifer and Marc Wolfe denied having refused to take the distasteful item down, and said they removed it as soon as they became aware of the public reaction Sunday morning.

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Source: Daily Mail