Here We Go: Navy Officer Wins Transgender Bodybuilding Contest

It’s been 20 years since Charles Bennett took the stage to compete in bodybuilding. But at the age of 63, he’s now done something he’s never done before — compete as a man for the first time in what’s billed as the world’s only transgender bodybuilding competition.

Bennett and seven fellow competitors went before a crowd Saturday evening in the annual International Association of Trans Bodybuilders competition at a theater in Atlanta.

The competition has attracted bodybuilders from across the country and even Russia since it began in 2014, according to executive director and head judge Bucky Motter.

Competitors were judged in the categories of lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight and masters, for age 60 and over, according to five disciplines: mass, definition, proportion, symmetry and stage presence.

Bennett had the most experience of those on stage, and saw his role as more coach than competitor, helping others practice their poses backstage. He also offered diet tips, shared his preshow rituals and helped Peter Moore of Oakland, California, apply fake tan, his hand running over the scars where Moore had his breasts removed when he transitioned to male two years ago.

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Source: Christian Post