Chuck Bentley: How Much Should We Tithe?

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Dear Chuck,

My wife and I do not agree on giving. In fact, we’ve had a few heated arguments over the matter. She says we need to give 10% of our income. I don’t know where we could come up with that much. We give every month, but it varies in amount, depending on what we have available after I’ve paid our bills. What should we do to come to an agreement?

Feeling Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

I hear your pain. It was not too many years ago that I was in your same place! Spoiler alert — I think your wife is right, but let me give you some background before I offer my advice.

I used to really dislike it when preachers taught on giving, especially if I brought guests to church with me! It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in giving. I did! It’s just that I did not think I had enough money nor did I like parting with it until Ann and I learned, through a Crown Bible Study, that it wasn’t my money in the first place. It was God’s!

When I recognized and began to appreciate His love and provision, I wanted to give out of a heart of gratitude. It was like God gave me a totally different mindset. For the first time in my life I saw giving as an opportunity, not an obligation. And the benefits I experienced convinced me that giving first to the Lord is indeed a divine priority.

To be transparent, our giving went from 2.6% of our gross annual income to 10% of our gross annual income and even more as we are able. This required a lot of adjustments to our spending habits, but it has been a wonderful decision on spiritual and financial levels.

The Tithe

God intended giving to bless both the giver and the receiver. The word “tithe” repels some because they do not understand its true meaning. The tithe is a testimony to God’s ownership. Abraham acknowledged this when he gave a tenth of his spoils back to God before the law was ever given (Genesis 14:20). Why? Because he loved God. Convicted that the tithe belonged to God in the first place, he gave. He was a true steward, able to surrender everything, including his precious son, Isaac.

The amount of the tithe is not important to God; He owns everything. The amount is important to us! Many verses in Scripture point to the promise of blessings and warnings about giving. Ultimately, we are the ones who miss out when we fail to give out of love and obedience to the One who so generously gives to us.

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Source: Christian Post