Vanessa Myers: The Great Wall of Prayer

Want a great activity for your kids to connect the story of Nehemiah with prayer?

Recently our kids at church learned the story of Nehemiah and how he re-built the wall of Jerusalem. I wanted them to do an activity in which they could build their own wall and also connect it with prayer (as Nehemiah prayed to God during the time of the re-building of the wall). So, I decided we would create our own “Great Wall of Prayer.”

Each class was given their own blank brick. For the bricks, I used a template I found online ( On the bricks, we told them to write down or draw pictures of things they wanted to pray for. Or if they wanted, they could write out a prayer to God (more for our older elementary kids). After they did this, they could decorate their brick if they wanted using markers.

When each class was finished, they brought their bricks to our hallway and started building the wall. Each class built on the other classes which formed our Great Wall of Prayer.

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Source: Church Leaders