WATCH: Fox & Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Stalked and Brutally Heckled While On NYC Subway Ride to Jamba Juice

A pair of activist comedians followed around Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade, lobbing hostile questions at him on Friday. If you are a public figure after all, you may get questions with or without a camera when you are walking down a public street (in fact, Mediaite has used a roving paparazzi in the past as well).

But they didn’t stop there.

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, who are known as “The Good Liars,” then trailed Kilmeade into a NYC subway and encouraged fellow passengers to jeer at him in what increasingly felt like a potentially perilous situation for the Fox host.

It started with Selvig posing for a selfie with a smiling Kilmeade. But it was clearly a set-up, with Selvig then asking Kilmeade if he was “accused of sexually harassing Gretchen Carlson.” It turned ugly from there.

Selvig follows Kilmeade through Midtown, repeatedly calling after him, and noting that his “backpack is on crooked.”

He eventually follows Kilmeade onto the subway where Stiefler makes an appearance, announcing the Fox News host to the crowded car.

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SOURCE: Aidan McLaughlin