Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Isn’t Such a ‘Crazy Idea’

Neil deGrasse Tyson. Compsite: Getty; Shutterstock

Renown stargazer Neil deGrasse Tyson said President Trump’s dream of creating a “Space Force,” isn’t such a “crazy idea” after all.

The astrophysicist and author said it is a “fundamental part of what it is to be a sovereign country” to defend the nation’s assets — which should include outer space.

“So it’s not a crazy idea,” Tyson said on CBS News’ weekly podcast “The Takeout.”

“A lot of Trump haters want to hate everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. I’m an academic; I analyze everything. And just because it came out of Trump’s mouth doesn’t automatically mean it’s a crazy idea.”

In June, Trump said he was directing the Pentagon to create a Space Force as a sixth branch of the military that would protect US spacecraft and astronauts as the cosmos gets more crowded.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Lia Eustachewich