Community Fights to Save Historic African American Club in Charlotte

The Excelsior Club is a historic pillar in the city’s black community, but the last attempt to save it fell through this week.

Right now, the fate of the building is up in the air. People in the community say it was once one of the most important places for African Americans in Charlotte and they hope that it can be that again one day.

“The Excelsior Club, to me, has been an integral part of who I am and what I do today,” said Christopher Dennis.

He says the Excelsior Club, a mainstay in Charlotte that could now be torn down, played a big role in the African American community and culture, and Charlotte’s as a whole.

The Excelsior Club opened in 1944. Prominent musicians and politicians like Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and President Bill Clinton came to the club.

“Black women and black men had two places they could really dress up one was in church, the other was in the Excelsior Club,” Dan Morrill tells FOX 46.

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Source: Fox46