Tina Turner Reveals she Had a Life-Saving Kidney Transplant — and her Husband Erwin Bach Was the Donor

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach. (Jacopo Raule/Getty)
Tina Turner and Erwin Bach. (Jacopo Raule/Getty)

Tina Turner‘s abusive relationship with husband and musical partner Ike made her understandably wary when it came to dating. But in her upcoming memoir My Love Story, the diva details her second chance at love — and how it literally saved her life.

It was 1985, not quite a decade after she left Ike for good, when she met her current husband, Erwin Bach. Sixteen years her junior, the sparks flew immediately.

“I was kind of naughty in those early days,” Turner, now 78, writes. “One night I said to myself, I’m just going to ask him. I looked at him — so handsome in his Lacoste shirt, jeans, and loafers without socks — and whispered, ‘Erwin, when you come to America, I want you to make love to me.’ He just looked at me, as if he couldn’t believe his ears. I couldn’t believe what I said either!”

Despite her status as a mega-voiced global superstar, Turner admits she often struggled with self-confidence when she was away from the spotlight.

“I was never one of those women who had to have sex no matter what. There have been times when I’ve gone up to a year without it, to be honest. Don’t laugh, but I’ve always been a little nervous about starting a relationship with a new man because I didn’t know how my wig would be received! As much as I loved the convenience and easy beauty it gave me, I always ran the risk of meeting a man who might have a problem becoming romantically involved with Tina, with her bountiful hair and glamorous trimmings, but waking up with unadorned Anna Mae. What if he were disappointed by the real me?”

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