Reformed Evangelical Theologian Says Trump-Supporting and Trump-Loathing Churches Are Making Some Christians Uncomfortable

Heavily Trump-supporting, Trump-loathing, or politically uniform churches can be making some Christians feel uncomfortable, Reformed evangelical theologian Kevin DeYoung has warned.

DeYoung wrote in a blog for the The Gospel Coalition on Wednesday that he encourages Christians to be well-informed and engaged in the political process. At the same time, he explained that there are a number of things that he as the pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina, refuses to do.

“As a pastor, I do not provide voter guides for the congregation. I know there are other pastors who advocate the practice, but in my experience even non-partisan voter guides are never completely non-partisan,” he wrote.

“There’s also the practical issue of how visitors and ‘outsiders’ tend to view these guides. For millennials and minorities, ‘values’ voter guides usually signal ‘this is a church for Republicans.’ We can say that’s not the intent, and I believe most Christians passionate about these guides are motivated by a sincere desire to inform people about the issues, but the fact is most white evangelical churches are already overwhelmingly Republican,” he pointed out.

Next, he wrote that he does not encourage voter registration drives in the lobby after church, even though he recognizes the importance of voting.

“I am hard pressed to find scriptural warrant for thinking Christians must vote as a matter of obedience to Christ. By conducting voter registration in the church we are communicating, ‘This is what Christians should do,'” he pointed out.

“Voting is generally a good thing, but I have no biblical authority to say a Christian must vote (would we exercise church discipline on someone who didn’t?), nor do I think that voting is such a necessary expression of the fruit of the Spirit that it is the church’s responsibility to get people registered.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov