French Rescue Team Says It Has Detected a Person Believed to be Alive Under Rubble in Indonesia

A French rescue team has detected a person believed to be alive trapped under rubble in an earthquake-hit Indonesian city.

Relief workers said they had located the individual in Palu, six days after the area was badly affected by a powerful 7.5-magnitude tremor and subsequent tsunami.

Philip Besson, a member of the French organisation Pompiers de l’urgence, said the team “detected the presence of a victim” in the wreckage of the city’s Mercure Hotel.

However, he added rescuers had been unable to determine whether or not the person underneath the rubble is conscious.

Mr Besson said the team could not yet reach the victim, who was trapped under thick concrete. The team only had a hand drill and stopped digging as night fell.

Rescuers will return to the scene with heavy equipment early Friday to make a fresh attempt to rescue the person.

Some 1,200 people, mainly from Palu, are confirmed dead after the quake hit the island of Sulawesi last week, while hundreds of others are still unaccounted for.

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SOURCE: The Independent, Tom Barnes