Here We Go: UK Baby Might Be the First to Not Have a Mother Because the Woman Who Gave Birth Identifies as a Man

A baby born in Britain might be the first ever to not have a mother listed on the birth certificate because the woman who gave birth identifies as a man.

In what is being called a landmark case regarding the rights of trans-identified persons in England, an unidentified woman who says she’s a man is embroiled in a court battle after she asked to be listed as the child’s father. The woman, who is a single parent, began the legal process earlier this year, reports say.

The unidentified woman had already made the official changes and was, according the relevant legal documents, a “father” upon giving birth. However, although she identifies as a man, she was informed that the law requires that those who give birth must be registered as mothers.

Subsequently, her attorneys launched a human rights case for her to be listed as the child’s father, asserting that registering her as a mother infringes on her right to respect for her private and family life.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, president of the family division of the high court will soon decide  whether a child’s birth certificate can be valid with only a single “parent” or “father” listed, according to Metro.

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Source: Christian Post