University of Brighton Launches Investigation Into Why Booth Promoting Prostitution Was Allowed at Fair for New Student

A major British university has launched an internal investigation after an organization which argues prostitution is a legitimate form of “work” was allowed a booth at a fair for new students.

At the University of Brighton last Tuesday and Thursday, a campus freshers fair — a fair for incoming freshmen — was put on by the student union where the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project of Sussex distributed flyers, condoms, and lubricant, and handed out underwear as prizes, reports say. The group also gave advice to students about getting into “sex work,” an all-inclusive term that refers to everything from exotic dancing to prostitution.

“1 in 6 students does sex work or thinks about turning to sex work. We can help,” SWOP tweeted Thursday.

“If you’re topping up your fees with sex work, or struggling to balance work and studies, or want to talk and don’t know where to go…we’re here for you. We respect your autonomy, privacy and confidentiality.”

SWOP maintains they are a confidential and discrete “trans inclusive service for women working in the sex industry who live or work in Sussex.”

Outrage soon ensued online.

Feminist campaigner and author of the The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth Julie Bindel called the booth “beyond disgraceful” on Twitter and demanded an inquiry.

“It makes me so angry that the sex trade’s become normalized and pimped to women as though it is a harmless and respectable way to earn a living,” Bindel said.

A spokesman for the university said Sunday that the school would be conducting an investigation and “does not promote sex work to its students.”

“The university is nevertheless exploring this matter further with the students’ union to allow us to gain a full understanding of the aims in inviting SWOP to the event and to ensure due care is taken when presenting students with third-party information on highly sensitive and emotive issues.”

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Source: Christian Post