There’s a Devil Loose: Teenagers Kill Girl’s Father Because he Didn’t Approve of Their Relationship

Demar Turruellas & Eveline Gainza
Demar Turruellas & Eveline Gainza

For three days, Evelio Gainza’s bullet-riddled corpse lay partially hidden on the second floor of a West Kendall home, the body covered in blood-soaked towels and blankets.

Police said Gainza, 63, was the victim of a muddled assassination plot that involved his daughter, her boyfriend and a stolen Mercedes. In the end, police said, Gainza’s 17-year-old daughter confessed to the crime, but never offered an explanation.

She was picked up three days after the shooting along with her boyfriend in her father’s white Mercedes. Police said her boyfriend fired the fatal shots.

Police believe they found the murder weapon in the car. When they approached it, police said, they found Demar Turruellas, 18, “holding a firearm in his left hand. The defendant then dropped the firearm behind his seat where it landed on the floorboard of the vehicle,” the arresting officer wrote in the suspect’s arrest report.

Gainza’s daughter, Eveline Veronica Gainza, 17, was arrested and charged with attempted tampering with physical evidence and accessory after the fact. Her boyfriend Turruellas was charged with second-degree murder, shooting a deadly missile, tampering with physical evidence, carrying a concealed firearm and trying to remove its serial number. He was denied bond.

Police said they received a call the morning of Sept. 24, asking that they go check on Evelio Gainza’s welfare. When they arrived they found a broken rear glass door and his body concealed in towels in the second-floor bathroom. The caller said there should have been a white Mercedes in the driveway. It was gone.

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