Louisiana School Board Candidate’s Creationist Sign Reading ‘My Ancestors May Have Swung by Their Necks but None Swung by Their Tails’ Stirs Controversy

A Louisiana candidate running for a district seat at Rapides Parish School Board has taken down a pro-Creationism sign for his campaign after it drew considerable controversy.

“A few of my ancestors may have swung by their necks but none swung by their tails… Vote Floyd. Creation not evolution,” read candidate Jamie Floyd’s sign along with a drawing of a monkey hanging by its tail from a tree.

The NBC News affiliate KALB reported last week that it had received a number of calls about the sign in Alexandria before it was taken down.

Resident Jerald Dixon said: “Very inappropriate. I would not vote for him at all.”

Michael Kennedy, another community member, said that in the 1960s and 1970s, “that is something that was a racist comment that was used quite often.”

Others, such as Thelster Holmes, did not see a problem with the sign.

“Actually, those are just words and words never hurt,” Holmes commented. “I think it’s OK.”

Floyd argued that the sign was not meant to be racist.

“It had nothing to do with race at all,” Floyd said, according to Alexandria Town Talk. “That wasn’t meant to be the way it was taken.”

He added that “had I known it would offend people, I never would have put that sign up.”

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Source: Christian Post