Donald Trump Jr. Accuses ‘White Liberal’ Alyssa Milano of Bullying ‘Black Free-Thinker’ Kanye West

Donald Trump Jr. went after actress and activist Alyssa Milano on Twitter after she criticized Kanye West, claiming the “white liberal” was trying to bully a “black free-thinker.”

Milano shared a graphic of West sporting Trump’s signature hairstyle, following the rapper’s multiple complimentary statements toward the president.

“Make Kanye Kanye Again,” Milano said of the outspoken Trump supporter.

The president’s eldest son knocked Milano, saying she thinks she is “entitled to bully” West for his opinion.

West is one of Trump’s most vocal celebrity supporters and is often pictured wearing one of Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats.

The rapper called Trump his “brother” in April and said they are both “dragon energy.”

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The Hill