34 Children Died in Church During Bible Study in Indonesia Following Earthquake and Tsunami

At least 34 children died during a Bible study held inside a church in the Indonesian island of Sulawesi following Friday’s earthquake and tsunami, a relief group has said.

The Indonesian Red Cross, which has been assisting with rescue operations amid the tragedy, said the bodies of the 34 children have been discovered buried inside the church.

They had been attending a Christian Bible camp when they died, and fears are that more bodies from the church are expected to be recovered, ABC News reported.

Over 1,300 people have been reported dead so far as a result of magnitude-7.4 earthquake and tsunami, which reached 20 feet in height.

Red Cross spokeswoman Aulia Arriani explained that with no heavy machinery operating in Sigi, there is no way to lift the concrete church rubble and search for more survivors and casualties.

Arriani separately told AFP that “the most challenging problem is walking in the mud for an hour-and-a-half while carrying the bodies to an ambulance.”

Reuters added that Indonesia faces a race against time to save survivors in the Sulawesi island devastation, with most of the confirmed dead reported in the city of Palu, which is 930 miles northeast of Jakarta.

Smartphone videos recorded the tsunami waves smashing into Palu’s beachfront, causing hotels and shopping malls to collapse. Close to 1,700 houses were swallowed by ground liquefaction in one neighborhood alone, with hundreds of people believed to have died there.

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Source: Christian Post