Wisconsin Teen Girl Who Was Repeatedly Groped is Punished by Her High School for Wearing ‘Boys Are Not Allowed to Touch Me’ T-Shirt

A teenage girl is being threatened with expulsion after wearing a T-shirt asking boys not to touch her.

A Wisconsin mother took to Reddit seeking legal advice after her 17-year-old daughter was repeatedly groped and sexually harassed and at school by her male classmates. In a bizarre turn of events, her daughter is being threatened with expulsion after she took matters into her own hands.

“My 17-year-old daughter was a late bloomer, but she ‘developed’ a lot over the summer. Since returning to school, she has been groped multiple times by her male classmates,” the mother wrote in the r/legaladvice sub Reddit. “She reported this to the principal and after ‘conducting an investigation’ he told her that the boys were just joking around and teasing her and she shouldn’t take it so seriously.”

The mother then notes that she went to the school’s principal after her daughter continued to be harassed and assaulted, however she was told that her daughter, “wasn’t making it clear enough to these boys that she didn’t want to be touched.”

Frustrated, the mother said she is going over the principal’s head to the school board to hold the boys accountable for their actions.

In the meantime, her daughter took matters into her own hands. She writes, “Yesterday, my daughter wrote ‘BOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME’ on a white T-shirt and wore it to school. I wasn’t aware that she did this but I don’t think it was wrong.”

Unsurprisingly, the principal who relied on the “boys will be boys” excuse decided to punish the female student, and is now threatening to have her expelled.

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SOURCE: Yahoo News, Elizabeth Di Filippo