Pew Research Shows Black Men and Women Are More Religious Than Whites and Hispanics

While data has shown that women tend to be more religious than men, a new analysis shows that black men tend to be more “highly religious” than white and Hispanic women.

Using data from its 2014 Religious Landscape Study, the Pew Research Center reported Wednesday that black women tend to be the most religious demographic, with 80 percent of them saying that religion is “very important” to them. By comparison, 69 percent of black men said the same.

As for white women, only 55 percent said that their religion is very important to them, while 65 percent of Hispanic women said the same. Only 43 percent of white men and 53 percent of Hispanic men said religion was very important to them.

The polling firm also found that 78 percent of black men say they believe in God with “absolute certainty,” while 67 percent of white women and 65 percent of Hispanic women said the same. White and hispanic men were equally as likely at 54 percent to say that they believed with “absolute certainty.” Black women (86 percent) were most likely to believe in God with “absolute certainty.”

However, black men seemed to lose a little muster when it comes to church attendance.

While more than half of black women said they attended services weekly, only 40 percent of black men said they attend service on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, the data indicates that slightly more Hispanic women (45 percent) attend church on a weekly basis than black men. Thirty-seven percent of white women said the same.

White men were least devout in their attendance, with just 30 percent (compared to 33 percent of Hispanic men) saying the same.

Sixty-five percent of black men said they pray daily, while 66 percent of Hispanic women said they prayed daily. Sixty percent of white women said they pray daily. White men once again placed last at 43 percent, with 48 percent of Hispanic men, praying daily.

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Source: Christian Post