Severe Weather Warning Issued to Athens and Other Areas as Storm Zorba Bears Down on Greece

Greek authorities have extended a severe weather warning to include greater Athens and most of southern Greece over the weekend as a second powerful storm — dubbed Zorba — heads eastward toward the country.

The island of Crete, other southern islands in the Aegean Sea and most of the southern mainland was also placed on alert as the national meteorological service said weather conditions could be life-threatening. Winds are expected to reach up to 100 kph (62 mph).

On Friday, bad weather from a previous low-pressure front toppled trees, causing power outages in parts of Athens and disrupting suburban rail services.

Schools in the Greek capital and several other parts of the country were closed Friday.

Some ferry services from ports near Athens resumed Friday after being mostly halted for the previous two days, while the weather conditions also caused flight delays.

In neighboring Turkey, several weekend soccer matches were canceled, also due to bad weather.

SOURCE: The Associated Press