Conservative Christian Women Come Out in Support of Judge Kavanaugh; Warn Against ‘Weaponizing’ #MeToo

Amid a high stakes Supreme Court confirmation battle, conservative and other Christian women rallied in support of Judge Brett Kavanaugh Thursday, urging the Senate to confirm him promptly and warned against weaponizing the #metoo movement.

At a gathering sponsored by Concerned Women for America in a park next to the Russell Senate Building, hundreds of women and other supporters assembled to voice their solidarity with the embattled federal judge whom President Donald Trump nominated earlier this year to fill Anthony Kennedy’s seat.

Betty DeHaven, who is a chapter leader for CWA took the train in from Martinsburg, West Virginia to show her support.

“I think it is very important to give fairness to Judge Brett Kavanaugh who is being ridiculed and shamed for no reason and I think this has become a circus. It’s absolutely ludicrous when you consider what they are doing to this man when he has had a reputation of impeccable behavior and to go back 35 years is crazy,” she told The Christian Post in an interview following the rally.

“I think this is about abortion, ultimately,” she added, “and they [the Left] are afraid. They are clutching at anything they can to preserve what they have with Roe v. Wade.”

Although she hails from a conservative county she believes “the majority” of American women see this as a politicized scheme to keep Kavanaugh off the bench, and is an effort stemming from their disdain for President Trump.

At the podium, Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, spoke in Kavanaugh’s defense, highlighting that the judge has undergone six FBI background checks where no hint of wrongdoing or abusive pattern has ever showed up.

“What we’re seeing here, unfortunately, is an actual pattern of Democrats pushing forward allegations that as soon as you press on them, start to fall apart,” she said.

“This is not how our American system ought to work. This is a Senate judiciary process that is broken. And it is unfortunate that what we’ve seen is instead of treating these allegations with the respect they deserve and the confidentiality they deserve.”

Severino added that in the United States “innocent until proven guilty” is not just a law of criminal procedure but a fundamental value of justice and due process. She urged the senators to stop “the circus” and vote to confirm Kavanaugh.

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Source: Christian Post