Clare Niederpruem, Director of ‘Little Women’, Has a Message to Us All

Clare Niederpruem is the director of “Little Women,” a new, modern adaptation of the popular novel that is set to hit theaters on September 28. The actress-turned-director is on a mission to entertain and inspire, as she’s hoping the timeless values in the film uplift audiences across the nation.

“I want people to connect with each other. I want them to see the film and realize that the most important relationships that we have are faith as well as their relationships with their mother and with the other females in their life, and that family is the most important thing,” Niederpruem recently said on an episode of’s “Pure Talk.” “And that we really need to support each other no matter what.”

She is hoping that the end result is an inspired audience that walks away feeling uplifted and deeply impacted by the stories they see these young women go through on the big screen.

“The story of ‘Little Women,’ to me, it’s about nothing and it’s about everything,” she said. “It’s about this family and growing up and these four sisters and the difficulty of hope, and dreams, and family, and love, and loss.”

Niederpruem said she wanted to take these themes into account as she adapted the original story — which was written in the mid-1800’s — to the modern era.

“I grew up loving the story of ‘Little Women,’ reading the book and watching the film adaptations … but then I re-read it as an adult and I really related to the story today,” she said, adding that she started to wonder, “What would it be like to take this story and see this family in 2018?”

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Source: Christian Post