16 5-Ingredient Comfort Food Recipes to Make This Fall

Everybody loves comfort food… I mean, it literally has the word “comfort” in it, but the coziest recipes are also often the most involved.

So we rounded up 16 easy-to-make comfort food recipes you can make with five ingredients or less — because fewer ingredients = fewer work.

1. Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese
The king of comfort food made entirely on the stovetop, faster than you can say “boxed mac ‘n’ cheese.” Get the recipe.

2. Five-Ingredient Chili
Feel free to use ground turkey instead of beef to make this chili lighter yet just as flavorful. Get the recipe.

3. BBQ Chicken-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Serving stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner is the easiest and most comforting way to get dinner on the table in no time at all (especially if you microwave the potato instead of baking it). Get the recipe.

4. Broccoli Cheese Soup
Shredded cheese, broccoli, evaporated milk, and stock is all it takes to make this creamy soup everyone will love. Get the recipe.

5. Ravioli and Spinach Lasagna
Using frozen ravioli instead of traditional pasta sheets is a clever way to make assembling homemade lasagna way less work. You don’t even have to make a ricotta filling! Get the recipe.

6. Three-Ingredient Tomato Soup
Serve this simple soup with a warm grilled cheese and consider dinner done. Get the recipe.

7. Pasta With Tomatoes, Basil, and Garlic
Quite possibly the simplest, yet most crowd-pleasing pasta recipe that ever existed. Get the recipe.

8. Italian Sausage and Kale Ziti Bake
Feel free to assemble this pasta bake in advance and store it in the fridge. That way, all you have to do is pop it in the oven and dinner is done. Get the recipe.

9. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
Serve this zesty chicken and veggie bake with warm tortillas and your favorite toppings for the ultimate taco night. Get the recipe.

10. Butternut Squash Soup
A fall comfort food classic made with just butter, onions, and squash. Get the recipe.

11. Creamy Chicken Marsala
This chicken is loaded with savory mushrooms to make it hearty, rich, and just the thing to warm you up on a cold autumn night. Get the recipe.

12. Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies
I can think of nothing more comforting than a sheet tray full of steak, broccoli, and potatoes. Get the recipe.

13. Cheese-Stuffed Manicotti
This manicotti has a clever shortcut: It’s stuffed with string cheese! It may sound crazy, but it fits perfectly into the tubular pasta and melts just like fresh mozzarella. Get the recipe.

14. Pumpkin Alfredo
Creamy Alfredo sauce, pumpkin, and tender fettuccine noodles is the dinnertime trio you need to try this season. Get the recipe.

15. Grilled Apple, Cheddar, and Mustard Sandwich
Serve this grilled cheese with a crisp salad or warm soup for a simple yet fancy dinner everyone will love. Get the recipe.

16. Teriyaki Chicken
The takeout classic made with just three ingredients. Sign me up. Get the recipe.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed News, Jesse Szewczyk