WATCH: Seal Slaps Kayaker in the Face With Octopus in New Zealand

A filmmaker testing out a newly launched camera during a kayaking trip captured an incredible sight: a seal slapping a fellow adventurer with a live octopus.

Taiyo Masuda, 23, says he was on a GoPro-funded kayaking trip off the coast of New Zealand on Sept. 22 when he shot the now-viral video.

It happened in an instant: A seal surfaces near a kayaker, octopus in tow. The seal whips its head, smacking the boater with the mollusk. The man is left stunned.

Yahoo7 reports that man was Kyle Mulinder, and he told the publication he was just as stunned as he looked in the video: “I was like, ‘mate, what just happened?’”

There is an explanation, according to Rochelle Constantine, an associate professor at School of Biological Sciences at the University of Auckland.

It’s not a pleasant one.

The seal was not intentionally trying to slap Mulinder in Constantine’s view. The man was likely just in the way.

Instead, the seal was probably trying to rip the octopus’ tentacle off with the force of the throw, she said in an email.

“I have seen seals doing this before, it’s not an unusual sight but normally there isn’t a person in the way,” she wrote. “Often we see (seals) swallowing the tentacle at the surface like a large strand of spaghetti.”

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SOURCE: USA Today, Joel Shannon