Texas Professor Gets Boost in Door-to-Door Evangelism From His Daughters

“Here’s my daddy Matt, and here’s my momma Hope, and I’m Madison. And we’ve come to tell you about Jesus.”

As early as age 5, Matt Queen’s oldest daughter Madison introduced her family this way in door-to-door evangelism.

“Every single time my daughter would do that, we always got to share [the Gospel],” said Queen, an evangelism professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. “Nobody ever said ‘no’ to Madison.”

Queen later did this with his youngest daughter Matia as well, with similar success. In one instance when a woman answered the door, Matia, then just 4, introduced the family and then said, “And we would like to tell you about Jesus. Can we?”

The woman said “yes.” But when Queen began to share the Gospel, the woman interrupted.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “I don’t mind hearing about Jesus and what you want to tell me, but I want to hear it from her.”

Matia was not yet a believer. While Queen had brought her evangelizing before, he had never taught her any basic steps for sharing the Gospel. Realizing, however, this would be the only way for the woman to hear the Gospel at that point, as well as a potential teaching experience for Matia, Queen consented to let her share.

“Now, it wasn’t as polished as someone who maybe has had [a course in] Contemporary Evangelism before,” Queen recalled, “but she talked about Jesus coming because of our sin and dying and being resurrected, and ‘You can go to heaven because of Jesus.’ And though there was more I would have liked to see her put in there, she put the Gospel in there and said, ‘And you need to accept this too.'”

The woman did not come to faith there on her porch, but Queen nevertheless deemed it a “proud father” moment.

“A lot of times, we talk about the Gospel being so easy to understand that a child can understand it,” Queen reflected. “Well, in that case I learned that not only can a child understand it, but a child can explain it too.”

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Source: Baptist Press