Tent America 2018 to Hold 50 Hours of Unbroken Prayer & Worship at State Capitols

Fifty hours of unbroken, round-the-clock intercession and worship will begin Thursday from the grounds of state capitol buildings in all 50 states and at hundreds of universities.

What is being called Tent America 2018, sponsored by Awaken the Dawn, will start Thursday evening at 9 p.m. EST and last until Saturday 11 p.m. in tents across the nation at every state capitol and on college campuses.

According to ATD’s website, the focus of the event is to pray fervently for the Holy Spirit to reveal the beauty and worth of Jesus to the nation, that a new “Jesus movement” would be ignited to capture the heart of the millennial generation, and for a new missions movement to be launched.

In a Sept. 23 Facebook live video, David Bradshaw, who is the director of the Fredericksburg, Virginia-based Prayer Furnace, explained that the event will be done in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 20.

“I’m just so stirred by watching God’s hand mobilize America,” Bradshaw explained in the video along with Bob Parry, a pastor and intercessor.

In that particular passage of Scripture, the Israelites are overwhelmed by their enemies and King Jehoshaphat prays in desperation: “For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We dont know what to do but our eyes are on you.”

Confident in God’s power, Jehoshaphat sends the singers and musicians out before the army who said: “Give thanks to the Lord for his steadfast love endures forever.”

Just as God acted on behalf of the Israelites in 2 Chronicles 20, “I believe God is going to act on behalf of our nation this week,” Bradshaw went on to say.

“Imagine, thousand and thousands of musicians are going to be in public … under tents, singing their guts out to the Lord while intercessors gather and pray.”

“The thing that motivated us, more than anything, we just love God, we love His presence, we love Jesus. We want His worth put on display … He’s going to do [supernatural] things we could never produce.”

Concurrent with the 50 hours of intercession, evangelists will be out and about sharing the Gospel with others in teams.

“Tent America is a beautiful symphony of God bringing unity to the body of Christ across every state with the remnant who have heard the call to praise and war for what is rightfully ours,” said Rachel Dennis, 38, a business owner and church leader at The Equipping in Troy, Michigan, in an interview with The Christian Post Wednesday afternoon.

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Source: Christian Post