Sad: 12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Rushing Into Burning Home to Save Brothers Who Were Already Outside and Safe

A young Wisconsin boy died in a house fire while trying to save his siblings, unaware that they had already escaped the burning home.

Adrian Cross, 12, died on September 24 when he became trapped on the second floor of a burning home in Milwaukee late Monday night.

The boy went inside to get his brothers not realizing that his family had made it out and were safe.

‘He went in to get his brothers. That’s what he was trying to do,’ his grandmother said, June Cross, told Fox6.

‘All of a sudden, (the family) started screaming,’ she said.

Authorities said the fire broke out downstairs and quickly spread upstairs.

Cross said the flames were ‘intense’.

‘It was like it wasn’t giving up,’ the grieving woman told the outlet.

Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing said firefighters were on the scene three minutes after receiving the call, but ‘the fire was too far along’. Authorities are now investigating to determine what sparked the fire.

According to the Wichita Eagle, six adults and four kids managed to escape the blaze. Fire officials did not find working smoke detectors in the home.

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Source: Daily Mail