North Carolina Woman Who Sheltered 27 Dogs and Cats During Hurricane Florence Has Charges Dropped

A North Carolina woman who was arrested last week after she sheltered 27 cats and dogs during the height of Hurricane Florence had her charges dropped Tuesday, a district attorney’s office announced.

Tammie Hedges faced charges of practicing veterinary medicine without a license and soliciting a donation of tramadol — a prescription painkiller sometimes used for dogs and cats — after officials found her with the animals on Sept. 17.

On Tuesday, Wayne County prosecutors said Hedges’ arrest stemmed from their concern for the well-being of the animals.

“The removal of animals from a building that failed to meet suitable standards for license as an animal shelter and away from the control of this defendant who has previously been censured for the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine was a prudent decision made with the best interest of the animals in mind,” Wayne County District Attorney Matthew Delbridge said in a statement.

He added that dismissing the charges will eliminate further distraction. The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board will determine the next actions on Hedges.

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SOURCE: Fox News, Katherine Lam