Napp Nazworth: Kavanaugh Allegations Remind Us Politics Makes Us Crazy

Reactions to the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh remind us that our political partisanship often inhibits our ability to think clearly.

Kavanaugh was accused by Professor Christine Ford of attempted rape while in high school. A recent Fox News poll* asked respondents whether they believe Kavanaugh or Ford. Among registered voters, 59 percent of Democrats believe Ford and 60 percent of Republicans believe Kavanaugh.

But there is no legitimate reason why these allegations should be viewed through a partisan lens. Being Democrat doesn’t necessarily lead one to side with accusers in sexual assault or harassment allegations, and being Republican doesn’t necessarily lead one to side with the accused in those cases. Most Democrats didn’t side with Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky or Kathleen Wiley, for instance. Similarly, most Republicans didn’t side with Bill Clinton against those accusers.

Knowing what really happened in the case of Kavanaugh and Ford is difficult because both sides are credible. Ford doesn’t have a history of lying, and was reluctant to come forward in the first place. Yet there are no witnesses who can place Kavanaugh at the scene and Kavanaugh has a slew of character witnesses. There have been additional accusations since the Fox News poll was conducted, but like with Ford, there are no witnesses who can back up the accusers’ stories.

No one outside the room of Ford’s alleged incident really knows what happened.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty tweeted Sunday, “I am willing to wait until I hear directly from both Kavanaugh and Ford to decide who I believe. And I bet most of the country feels that way.”

It should be true, that most of the country feels the same way. Unfortunately, the Fox News poll suggests otherwise. Only about one in three registered voters (34 percent) answered “I don’t know” when asked whether they believe Kavanaugh or Ford.

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Source: Christian Post