John Piper Says Christians Shouldn’t Attend Weddings of Other Christians Who Fornicate and Believe It’s Permissible

Christians should not support the weddings of Christian couples who fornicate and believe it is permissible even though the Bible calls fornication sin, John Piper has suggested.

Responding to a question on whether a Christian should attend the wedding of a couple already living together, Piper, founder of and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minnesota, gave a nuanced response addressing various relationship situations but drew a line in the sand for professing Christians who see fornication as permissible in committed relationships.

“If they are moving away from fornication because they are now persuaded it is sin, and they are marrying as a declaration of repentance and faith in Christ and a commitment to righteousness, then they are right with God. We should join them in the penitent and happy celebration,” Piper said.

“But it is possible that they are not at all persuaded that having sex together as an engaged couple is sin. Maybe they would do it all over again in the same way. Many in our day, tragically, are deluded about this because of how superficially they submit to Scripture. They don’t submit themselves to God’s authority in Scripture. They just do what they feel like doing, and assume God is okay with it — like sleeping together before they’re married because they think they’re committed to each other,” Piper explained before drawing on Scripture.

“It is clear from Scripture that not only is adultery — sexual unfaithfulness in marriage — sin, but sexual relations before marriage is sin as well. That’s clear. The very term sexual immorality as it’s used in these verses makes it clear: Matthew 15:19Hebrews 13:4Ephesians 5:51 Corinthians 5:111 Corinthians 6:97:1–2. All refer to fornication, or sexual relations before marriage,” he said.

A Bible-believing Christian couple that believes fornication is permissible should be “disciplined” said Piper.

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Source: Christian Post