Former Potter’s House Volunteer Files Lawsuit Against TD Jakes Ministries Over ‘Assault’ in Church

Audrey Stevenson, a former volunteer at the Potter’s House of Fort Worth, Texas, who was caught on video being handcuffed and physically removed from the church during a dispute with an elder in March, has filed a lawsuit against T.D. Jakes Ministries and several other parties over the incident.

In the lawsuit cited by the Star-Telegram, Stevenson, 22, names Potter’s House church administrator Rhonda Lewis, security guard Brandon Amie, and Deonte Greham, another Potter’s House employee, for alleged false imprisonment and emotional distress. In the suit, Arnie is also accused of assault.

She also accuses both The Potter’s House in Dallas and Fort Worth along with T.D. Jakes Ministries of negligence and negligent hiring.

Stevenson made a video recording of a portion of the controversial encounter with church officials that stemmed from a dispute over whether she was allowed to be on the Fort Worth church’s stage.

The video below allegedly shows Stevenson greeting members at Potter’s House of Fort Worth shortly before she was confronted by Lewis.

In the video showing a verbal confrontation between Stevenson and Lewis, the elder indicates that Stevenson was not authorized to “do anything on the stage” and that she had been removed from service.

It also shows Stevenson being blocked by Amie when she tried to leave an office at the church after the discussion between her and Lewis had escalated into a shouting match. She was then handcuffed by police and restrained as she begged Amie to let her leave.

At one point, she claimed that Amie had his knee in her back as she continued begging him to let her go. Amie explained in the video that he was trying to “explain something” to her about how the church system works.

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Source: Christian Post