Christian Starr: In the Black Church, Too Many Pastors have Become Idols

by Christian Starr

There is plenty of confusion within Christianity among denominations and communities. In the black community church attendance for young adults is not the best. Many are looking at the church as a cesspool of drama that take more than it gives. Pastors have been under scrutiny for everything from mishandling funds to terrible political alliances. In churches that have strong sound leadership members unfortunately watch their pastors work under the continued pressure of a very unrealistic expectation.

This expectation may have something to do with why some pastors are able to become so powerful. It is one thing to acknowledge, honor and respect the head of one’s church. It is understandable that one would expect them to have a strong sound understanding of God’s Word and offer sound council. However, too many pastors have become idols on earth.

Pastors can do many different things to help direct their congregation and have a positive impact on the community…but they are NOT God. The pastor can’t heal your body, fix your marriage, get you out of debt, silence your haters, change your children, nor calm your anxiety. In ignorance, too many people expect the pastor to be the end all be all and in doing this they are given power over your life that does not belong to them.

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Christian Starr is a community freelance writer and owner of Archon Editing & Review. She purposes to use her writing to inspire change and social justice. As an editor, Christian Starr encourages writers of all genres to pursue their dreams of becoming published authors. She is a married mother of one.