WATCH: Megyn Kelly Says Accusations Against Kavanaugh Have Become ‘Totally Political’

NBC host Megyn Kelly stood up for Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh on-air today, as she passionately reminded her panel that he hasn’t admitted to any wrongdoing.

The Megyn Kelly Today host, who began the segment by agreeing with President Donald Trump after he said the Kavanaugh situation has turned “totally political,” likened the claims to those against failed GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“Whether you believe these women or you don’t, it’s become completely political because it’s a Supreme Court confirmation hearing. It’s not like a regular ‘Me Too’ allegation,” Kelly said. “Same way when Roy Moore was accused, those women were accused of being political operatives.”

Kelly, a former star Fox News host, defended Senate Republicans choice to not seek an FBI investigation, saying the agency “is not a super-secret police force to investigate super-secret really bad things” and “that’s why we have congressional investigators.”

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SOURCE: Mediaite