New Mexico School to Allow Pro-Life Student Group, Deemed ‘Too Controversial’ by Principal, After Threat of Legal Action

A public school in New Mexico has decided to allow a student pro-life group on its campus after a law group sent a discrimination claim letter.

Thomas More Society, a non-profit legal group, revealed in a statement shared on Friday with The Christian Post that Rio Rancho Middle School in Rio Rancho has responded to its letter, now saying that it “would certainly allow a club of this nature.”

“We appreciate that the Rio Rancho School District finally decided to honor the First Amendment rights of its students. Sadly, it took the threat of legal action for the school to recognize the rights they consistently previously denied students,” Thomas More Society Special Counsel Joan Mannix explained.

“The Thomas More Society pointed out that Principal Lynda Kitts was wrong to deny a pro-life group at Rio Rancho Middle School. She stated such a club was ‘too controversial’ and that other students might disagree with the pro-life point-of-view. She refused to approve the pro-life club even after she was asked to reconsider her denial.”

The incident stems from the attempts last year of student Dylan Fredette, who tried to set up a Students for Life group at the school, but had his request denied. The 8th grader was apparently told that setting up such a group would not be “fair” to people who are “on the other side of the issue.”

Thomas More Society then sent a letter to Rio Rancho Public Schools Superintendent Dr. V. Sue Cleveland and Rio Rancho Middle School Principal Lynda Kitts, explaining that Dylan has continued being ignored in his requests to start up such a club.

The student had even found a teacher willing to be the club’s faculty adviser, but still Kitts did not respond to his requests.

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Source: Christian Post