Michelle Obama Says She’s ‘Sick of All the Nastiness in Politics’ as She Drums Up Voter Participation at Nevada Rally Before Starting a Huge National Tour to Promote Her Book

Former first lady Michelle Obama admitted she is tired of mean politics but has encouraged people to make their mark and vote in the upcoming midterms.

The 54-year-old spoke at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sunday and urged attendees to have their say in elections this November.

‘I’m sick of all the chaos and nastiness of our politics,’ she revealed. ‘It’s exhausting and frankly depressing. I understand trying to shut it all out go on and just try to live your life. Take care of your family in peace.’

Obama reminded listeners not to be fooled into thinking not voting is making a big statement.

‘Democracy continues with or without you,’ she said. ‘Folks who are voting know the impact.’

‘Not voting is like letting your grandma pick your clothes out. Now no offense to grandma, my mom is with me today,’ she said targeting the under 30s before asking if they would consult a relative much older than them for recommendation on an outfit to go to a nightclub.

To make the subject hit home, Obama made a point that may have evoked thoughts of police brutality against unarmed black US citizens in the year that marks the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits racial discrimination in voting.

Former US President Barack Obama was criticized after his 2016 speech on the shooting of Alton Sterling when he claimed it was ‘not a black issue’ and used the opportunity to show balanced views to support law enforcement too.

The topic was also the subject of debate in Texas for Beto O’Rourke as he faced-off with Ted Cruz for the Texas Senate Friday night.

‘Those sheriffs that we elect they decide how are streets are policed,’ Mrs Obama said Sunday.

Even the way people get around their city was up for discussion.

‘They can fix roads in public transportation system or not,’ she said about who people vote in.

Ultimately the message was that not registering to vote and cast ballots this fall was asking someone else to make decisions.

‘We get the leaders we vote for. We get the policies we vote for. And when we don’t vote, that’s when we wind up with government of, by and for other people,’ Obama told about 2,000 people inside a high school gymnasium.

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Source: Daily Mail